Ethnic Hotel

Traditional batik Jogja is the main idea of our interior design. Ethnic Hotel also could be an easy way to remember how to find our hotel.

Ethnic Hotel is another kind of hotel that you can choose as an accommodation on your visit, especially to Jogjakarta, Indonesia. This Ethnic Hotel will give you different sensation due to its ethnicity that is shown through the architecture up to the service. Usually this kind of hotel will give the guests the unique Javanese nuance. Somehow, you can feel the sense of local culture from your experience in staying at the Ethnic Hotel. This kind of hotel could also be found in numerous types, from the five star hotels up to the guest houses. Istana Batik Ratna Hotel is the one that you can feel convenient most.

The Ethnic Hotel could be found around the Malioboro Street. It deserves to try no matter how much the distance is since the modern, elegant, and completed with garden view, the volcano view, up to the royal felt suite. The good thing is that this Ethnic Hotel is located near the airport to ease the access of the guest for transportation.

You may also find the rooms that are provided by Ethnic Hotel especially for you with more personalized service. Every guest of this Ethnic Hotel will be able to experience the Sweet Sleeper Bed that has been provided in each room as their special bed which is famous all around the world.